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Benefits and Advantages of Instructor-Led Courseware

May 14, 2021

If the pandemic has shown us one thing, it’s that instructor-led courses are something that students all over the world have taken for granted. While e-learning has seen significant innovation this past year, it puts a lot of pressure on students to take more initiative than ever before. 

Modern students are facing struggles that they’ve never encountered – there aren’t as many opportunities to network with classmates, fewer face-to-face interactions, a lack of hands on experiential learning and even social isolation; all which take away from the overall learning experience.

Instructor-led training can be defined as any type of training that is taught by an instructor, either in person in a classroom or online. Instructor-led trainings can be taught in different styles, like a classroom lecture, an interactive workshop or virtually using video conferencing technology like Zoom or Skype

With instructor -led courses, participants are able to take advantage of educational benefits otherwise unavailable to them in a strictly e-learning based course. Benefits like:

  • Networking
  • Immediate Feedback
  • Hands-On-Experience
  • Incorporated Learning &
  • Dedicated Time & Space For Learning 


During an instructor led course, there is a feeling of comradery that develops between pupils. They are all taking part in a shared experience that will help them grow and get closer to their goals, professional or otherwise. 

The setting creates a student body / instructor dynamic that fosters cooperation and congeniality. For example, many people who befriend classmates in secondary education settings often end up helping each other professionally down the road.

It is these face-to-face interactions, whether via video call or in person, that help those seeking higher knowledge to grow together as a team.

Immediate Feedback

While e-learning is still a great option for education, students looking for feedback oftentimes struggle with finding immediate sources for it. They resolve to googling common problems and spend valuable time searching for the solutions.

Those who are experiencing problems during an instructor-led environment are easily able to resolve their issues by asking the instructor directly, in real time.

According to an educational research review conducted by Elsevier (https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S1747938X16300562), when receiving feedback from a peer or instructor, students use a different cognitive process that has the potential to increase learning benefits.


Utilizing Phoenix TS’ extensive instructor-led courseware collection, pupils are able to take advantage of the ancillary products like lab files and PowerPoint presentations. We also offer premium ancillaries including Online Labs and Exam Prep.

Some students prefer to “learn by doing.” This approach is proven to increase knowledge retention better than just listening and watching.

Workbooks offer a great way for learners to practice with each other and review the material, while ensuring consistency of information. 

Incorporated learning:

Another advantage that instructor-led education has is the ability to personalize a learning experience for an individual student.

E-learning modules can be static at times, presenting information in a way that is streamlined for mass audiences. This is a positive feature for the most part, as anyone with the predetermined qualifications should be able to digest and understand. 

If a student is struggling , an instructor-led course can provide immediate feedback and can be altered to offer multiple methods of teaching that might work better.

Dedicated Time & Space For Learning

Instructor-led training creates an environment that is highly conducive to learning. It provides a time and place that is dedicated to the sole purpose of education in a group setting.

A dedicated learning space helps foster better relationships and lines of communication between classmates and educators. These relationships can spark new interests and allow teachers to address student needs while creating a sacred space for education.

While e-learning is a great way to learn on one’s own schedule, complex topics can be somewhat difficult to digest when the student is multitasking. Less distractions and a commitment to a timeframe allow for higher cognitive function.


Phoenix TS has the right courseware to fit any kind of learning environment, from e-learning to instructor-led, our content is well designed, thoughtfully written, and thoroughly tested, resulting in higher certification pass rates, increased sales and customer satisfaction, better trained and more productive employees, and energized students with immediate promise for career advancement. 

All Phoenix TS courseware can be branded and delivered in print or electronic format. Ancillaries like lab files and PowerPoint presentations are freely available.

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