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Update Your Linux System to Patch the GHOST Vulnerability

What is the GHOST Vulnerability?

ghost vulnerability linuxSecurity researchers discovered another security hole in Linux systems. The GHOST vulnerability might leave your system open to hackers.

The GHOST name derives from the issue with the GetHOST functions. Hackers access your system Through gethostbyname functions hackers can access a remote shell in Linux and seize control of your system without system credentials. (more…)

What are Phishing Attacks and How to Prevent Them

January 15th, 2015 phishing attacks

There has been a rise in the phishing industry lately. However these phisherman sport more sophisticated and advanced gear in their tackle box than the good ol’ worm and bobber.

Phishermen prowl for personal passwords, email addresses, credit card information, pin numbers and other forms of personal information that can lead to some form of money.

This type of phishing is not a leisurely sport. It can be harmful by leaving you financially compromised. I want to help you be able to spot them to keep them from damaging your personal information and life. (more…)

Windows 10 and its New Browser Spartan

January 13th, 2015 Spartan

Spartan Browser To Take Down Chrome, Safari and Firefox

Microsoft has not given up on Internet Explorer, they simply moved on. Spartan is Microsoft’s new Browser that is expected to come out with Microsoft’s Windows 10. Spartan  will allegedly come equipped with tools that cannot be found on either Chrome, Safari and Firefox. (more…)

Do You Use Microsoft Office, Google Docs or LibreOffice?

Picture1January 12th, 2015

Am I correct in assuming the majority of readers grew up with the likes of Microsoft Word? I thought so.

Perhaps it is time for Microsoft to make a few adjustments with the Office suite when alternatives such as Google Docs and LibreOffice offer similar software for absolutely free. (more…)

Why get Certified: Top 5 Reasons

Are Certifications Worth the investment? Comptia-cert

In past years speculations surrounded IT certifications. Should you buy into them and invest in your future, or are they just a fad that will vanish with time?

If you are reading this than chances are you most likely are struggling with this idea. Are certifications really that necessary? Here is good way to look at it; Could you get a job without certifications, sure people are hired without them, but can you start a career that pays better than your counterparts and can you sustain that career through changes that will happen constantly and consistently within IT, probably not.

Here are a few focal points that should be considered when you are deciding whether or not you should start the certification process. (more…)

Phoenix TS Supports Local and National Education Initiatives

Phoenix TS Lends a Helping HandJanuary 6th, 2015

We are firm believers that education can strengthen a person’s life. Quality education can help someone rise above the status quo, earn a dream job and so much more. This is why Phoenix TS launched a new program for the 2015 training year and beyond.

Gain Knowledge. Empower Education.

Starting this year, for every class purchased through Phoenix TS we will be donating a portion of our profits to local and national charities focused on improving lives and empowering through education. These charities, outlined below, were chosen based on our desire to help our nation’s youth, hungry and military to improve their lives through education and training. (more…)

Business Gets Personal with Phoenix TS in New York City

business gets personalNovember 13th 2014

Last October I was fortunate enough to take a short trip north to New York City for the “Business Gets Personal” seminar with industry experts Dave Ramsey, Seth Godin and Gary Vaynerchuk.

These individuals are well respected personal finance, marketing and social media thought leaders.

Their talks provided a different perspective on how to better communicate, connect with, and serve the students at Phoenix TS. Also, like many of our students, I took advantage of an opportunity to listen and learn. Here are a few things I took away from the event. (more…)

FITSI Names Phoenix TS New Authorized Training Center!

FITSP IT security Certification for Federal GovernmentNovember 13th 2014

We are proud to announce that we are officially the latest FITSI authorized training center!

FITSI stands for the Federal IT Security Institute, a nonprofit organization tasked with managing and organizing a unique certification program geared solely to the Federal workforce. It is no surprise that the US Federal government operates under it’s own standards and best practices; the real shock is that no IT security certification program is geared solely to government operation procedures. FITSI will change that.

Former NSA Chief brings IronNet to Howard County

November 11th 2014


Former Director of the National Security Agency (NSA) announced that he will move his business into our backyard. General Keith Alexander decided to set up shop in Howard County, Maryland. The scheduled completion for the move is this spring.

Howard County now has to be considered a nationwide powerhouse when it comes to cyber security. With multiple training facilities, nearby Fort Meade, APL, Cisco, and Oracle all in the surrounding  area, it is hard to dispute this Maryland is atop the leader board when it comes to cyber security.

General Alexander brings IronNet to Howard County, a company that provides offensive and defensive cyber security measures and comprehensive cyber security solutions. Since IronNet will become our new neighbors, let’s take a closer look at what they bring to the table. (more…)

Open Source World Opens Doors for Tech Jobs

Come on in we're open source

Flickr photo by Timothy Appnel

November 10th 2014

How are tech companies, universities and high school educators building the technical workforce here in the U.S.?

The demand for tech related jobs continues to grow, but the demand outpaces the experienced and capable workforce available, especially in Maryland.

If young graduates (high school or college) have the skills and degree, they may not hold the minimal or moderate experience employers desire. Employers will endure the wait for the right candidates who fit their requirements.