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CIMP Study Series: SEO


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In the third part the study series for EC-Council’s Certified Internet Marketing Practitioner (CIMP) exam, I address search engine optimization (SEO). I covered the importance of web analytics in the blog post before.

This post covers the topics of SEO ranking factors, PPC vs SEO, why design matters, bad practices, and why you shouldn’t hate on Google. (more…)

Changes to the CISSP Exam Domains

CISSP Exam Domain Changes Explained

Listen to Claude L. Williams explain the new changes to the domains of the CISSP certification exam. The changes are evident starting today April 15th, 2015.

7 Linux Applications for Your Desktop


Creating a List of Essential Linux Programs

You made it to Linux. If the new world of Linux scares you, fear not, for it may take a little while for your eyes to adjust to the new view.

This blog post provides a list of common Linux applications which replace similar Microsoft programs. The Linux distribution of your choice, affects whether or not these applications are preinstalled. The Arch Linux users who recently installed their new systems need to download and install the applications with pacman from the command-line. (more…)

CIMP Study Series: Web Analytics


Web Analytics

For time’s sake, I will not address every single chapter and component of the Certifed Internet Marketing Practitioner (CIMP) course. However, I will draw attention to the most important aspects of the subject matter pertaining to core practices of online marketing.

In the introduction blog post of “Study and Blog: EC-Council’s CIMP Course“, I focused on the relevance of the CIMP certification, an overview of modern marketing and social media for businesses today.

This next blog post covers the importance of web analytics, why marketers need these data rich platforms, and which platforms are proven successful in determining what does and doesn’t work for a website. (more…)

Full Arch Linux Installation Guide in 29 Tweets


Build a Lasting Bond with Your Linux System

This blog post intends to encourage intermediate Linux users to take a leap into the unknown world of Arch Linux. The first task for joining the Arch world involves installing the operating system. Unlike Windows and simpler Linux installations, the Arch installation provides a unique and rewarding experience in itself.

To embark on this new journey, follow these 29 tweets to construct a fully-functional Arch Linux operating system on a laptop or desktop.


ITIL® Practitioner: Certification Breakdown


It was officially announced Friday the 13th of March 2015 (which shouldn’t be any indication of the future of this certification) that AXELOS would be launching a new ITIL® qualification in Q4 of 2015.

The ITIL® Practitioner Certificate in IT Service Management will be focused on practice and specialty. This qualification is meant to demonstrate that ITSM pros are well-equipped to apply ITIL® concepts.

This will provide the confidence managers need to initiate and perform required improvement initiatives in order to produce maximum business value.

So if this sounds like a certification you need, here is our cert details breakdown to answer any questions you may have:

Who is this certification for?

This is primarily geared toward managers and team leaders. (more…)

3 Linux Certifications That Help Linux Systems Administrators


What Linux OS Do You Work With?

Linux admins seem to fall more into the category of self-taught tech junkies who spend their life whittling away at the command-line. Despite any and every presumption, there are several sought after Linux certifications employers look for in job candidates.

These certifications make a big difference in showcasing validating your skills. (more…)

Blog and Study: EC-Council’s CIMP Exam


Studying for the Certified Internet Marketing Professional (CIMP) Exam

EC-Council released a new certification called the Certified Internet Marketing Professional (CIMP). Cyber security professionals know EC-Council for the CEH, ENSA and other security related certifications.

Most marketing professionals boast self-taught skills learned from pioneers in the online marketing world and gained through their own experiences trudging through the learning curve of SEO, social media platforms, blogging, PPC and social advertising.

CIMP gives a structure to a field only maintained and updated with the ever changing rules of search engine and social media giants such as Google and Facebook. Follow along as I examine the course content, study for the exam, and blog about the experience.  (more…)

Here a XP, There a XP, Everywhere a Windows XP


Why Can’t You Move on from Windows XP?

Wherever I go lately, there’s the good old Windows XP lingering on desktops.

I asked the librarian’s at the nearby Baltimore library branch, what operating system runs on the computers?

“What operating system runs on the computers? Is it Windows XP?” The mumbled reply confirms my suspicions.

Following two months of extensive repairs, I return to the auto body shop to review the damages, estimates, charges and wait while they finalize the paperwork. Did I spot the desktop navigation bar of XP? Yes, I did indeed. (more…)

5 In Demand Cyber Security Certifications

cyber security terms

Are you packing several cyber security certifications? The job market aches for experienced cyber security professionals who have the knowledge and endurance to combat countless attacks while protecting organizations. Over the last several years, security breaches become more prevalent to the extent that the general public starts to lose confidence in businesses, universities, and even health care institutions to protect their information. No person’s sensitive info sits safely locked away.

The five certifications listed apply to professionals with varying experience and knowledge. Depending on where you want to go in the security world, these certifications may or may not give you the best chance leading to a fruitful job and career. (more…)