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Blog and Study: EC-Council’s CIMP Exam


Studying for the Certified Internet Marketing Professional (CIMP) Exam

EC-Council released a new certification called the Certified Internet Marketing Professional (CIMP). Cyber security professionals know EC-Council for the CEH, ENSA and other security related certifications.

Most marketing professionals boast self-taught skills learned from pioneers in the online marketing world and gained through their own experiences trudging through the learning curve of SEO, social media platforms, blogging, PPC and social advertising.

CIMP gives a structure to a field only maintained and updated with the ever changing rules of search engine and social media giants such as Google and Facebook. Follow along as I examine the course content, study for the exam, and blog about the experience.  (more…)

Here a XP, There a XP, Everywhere a Windows XP


Why Can’t You Move on from Windows XP?

Wherever I go lately, there’s the good old Windows XP lingering on desktops.

I asked the librarian’s at the nearby Baltimore library branch, what operating system runs on the computers?

“What operating system runs on the computers? Is it Windows XP?” The mumbled reply confirms my suspicions.

Following two months of extensive repairs, I return to the auto body shop to review the damages, estimates, charges and wait while they finalize the paperwork. Did I spot the desktop navigation bar of XP? Yes, I did indeed. (more…)

5 In Demand Cyber Security Certifications

cyber security terms

Are you packing several cyber security certifications? The job market aches for experienced cyber security professionals who have the knowledge and endurance to combat countless attacks while protecting organizations. Over the last several years, security breaches become more prevalent to the extent that the general public starts to lose confidence in businesses, universities, and even health care institutions to protect their information. No person’s sensitive info sits safely locked away.

The five certifications listed apply to professionals with varying experience and knowledge. Depending on where you want to go in the security world, these certifications may or may not give you the best chance leading to a fruitful job and career. (more…)

March Madness 2015 Sweepstakes

Phoenix TS Promotion 2015March Madness, a time in which the continental US zones out for a 3 week period and dedicates their time and energy to watching 64 teams compete for victory and their own brackets to reach triumphant heights. Even if you don’t watch or bet, you can still win big with brand names giving away prizes each step along the way from Selection Sunday to the Championship game on April 7, 2015.

[Insert promotional pitch from Phoenix TS] Yes we are one of those brands that are allowing you to play along with the games and no we don’t care if you think this is cheesy because you can win some pretty cool stuff. (more…)

What IT Professionals Say About Security+


IT Pros Speak About CompTIA Security+

After writing a blog post on Is Security+ Worth It?I reached out to past Security+ students for their opinions and posted the question as a poll to answer yes or no in the IT Professionals community on Google+. The community contains over 160,000 members. After 232 votes, 19 comments, and several email responses I can draw three clear conclusions. (more…)

18 Items for Your Linux Admin Toolkit


Admin Toolkit Suggestions from the Google+ Linux Community

System administrators are not robots who are programmed to fix mode with an unrealistic amount of patient when communicating with angry employees and customers. They are the backbone of your company. To fully understand the role of the Sysadmin, the tools they use daily, and other parts, I ventured into the Linux community on Google+. With feedback from community members here sits the list of 18 items necessary for life as a systems administrator.  (more…)

How to Pass the CTT+ Exam

The CompTIA Technical Trainer exam is not the hardest certification exam in the world, but if you’re not prepared for the content then it can definitely throw you off track. From someone who has taken (and passed) the CTT+ certification exam, here is my take on the test. (more…)

Why Become a Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+)?

CTT+ Classroom Trainer If you are anything like me, once you finished school you said you were never going back. That was the end of the conversation.  If you are even more eerily similar, then you left school to work for an education company, but I digress.

The main point I’m trying to make here is that I am not someone who enjoys sitting in a class and studying for a test. I really do not enjoy standing in front of a room of people making sure they sit in a class and study for a test. That is not the person I am, but I still took the CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+) course. I can honestly say it was a good move and it made me better at my non-educator role in an education company.

Keep reading to see if my personal experience offers perspective on how your career and life goals might be propelled with CTT+ training. (more…)

Volunteer at the Maryland Food Bank

Phoenix TS at Maryland Food Bank

Help Feed the Hungry

Does your daily schedule read like this?

  • 8 hours at the office (minimum)
  • 1-2 hours commuting
  • 30-60 minutes for exercise
  • 30-60 minutes for dinner (+/- prep and eating time)

This doesn’t include variables such as children, pets, family, school, a part-time and additional responsibilities. Before you know it, you’re laying down for bed.

As busy as your life may appear, giving back to those in need in your community is essential. Volunteer work is one way to step outside your small world to help another.

Monday we took advantage of an opportunity to volunteer at the Maryland Food Bank(more…)

Meetup Recap: Geospatial Data Management and Security

ocean temperature visual from NOAA

Ocean temperature image from


The Importance of Geospatial Web Transactions

Last night we had the privilege of listening to a talk on Geospatial Data Management and Security by Tim Loomis, a Senior Systems Engineer, from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Environmental Visualization Lab.

Tim addressed a wide variety of topics pertaining to the data flow, management, security, and relevance of geospatial data visualization. (more…)