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What are the CE Requirements for CompTIA Security+?

July 18th, 2014

If you have your CompTIA Security+ certification, you have probably asked yourself this question many times and then you googled it and now you’re here at the TechRoots blog! So, here is the breakdown of what it takes to maintain your CompTIA Security+ certification.

CompTIA requires Security+ certificate holders to submit 50 qualifying Continuing Education Units (CEUs) every three years in order to renew the certification. Now keep in mind, the specific CEU requirement will vary between every certification but in the case of Security+ it is 50 units. There are a number of ways you can go  about attaining these credits, but remember that at least 50% of the content must relate back to the CompTIA Security+ exam objectives in order to be considered a qualifying activity. For a quick rundown of the accepted activities, view the video below or skip ahead to see the specifics of what it takes to maintain your Security+ certification. (more…)

Why I would Install ownCloud over Dropbox and iCloud

July 16, 2014owncloud

As many people have noticed, information uploaded to syncing storage systems, such as  iCloud and Dropbox, are not impervious to hackers. This has led people to search for new services that are more secure than iCloud and Dropbox.

However, people are unwilling to sacrifice the simplicity that comes with iCloud and Dropbox. OwnCloud combines the best of both worlds giving users the safety and security they desire, while remaining simplistic and effective.  (more…)

Open Source Project Management with ]project-open[

project openJuly 10th, 2014

Without structure and organization for business projects, your company could take a tumble as it fails to manage chaos. This is even more crucial if your company attempts to transition from startup phase to growing enterprise. Yet when software, hardware, and other costs start to pile up, how do you manage?

Turn to open source tools. In this post we highlight the importance of open source project management tools, specifically ]project-open[.

This software is not solely for project managers, but an entire organization looking to enhance their communication and collaboration efforts. Effective collaboration tools become even more important as companies invest in the mobile and remote workforce.


How to Become a PMP

pmp exam prep bookJuly 3rd, 2014

Project Management is a growing field with job postings everywhere and articles claiming that certified Project Managers make higher salaries. But what are the steps needed to get there? And how can you get in on the action?

Take your time and investigate

Your first step is to do a little research. There are financial aspects to becoming a PMP® such as paying for the exam and the prep course; timing aspects like taking time off work to prepare for the exam; and personal aspects like planning that next career jump.

Everyone is different, so don’t feel like these are the only pieces to consider. There may be additional factors in your life that impact your decision. These are simply a good starting place.


Hacking Bluetooth Devices: Bluebugging, Bluesnarfing, and Bluejacking

Bluetooth HackingJuly 3rd, 2014

Almost everyone today has a smartphone and one of the features that comes standard is Bluetooth capability. Since your device has Bluetooth capabilities, it also has the capability to be hacked.

If your smartphone is hacked via Bluetooth connection, you are potentially at risk of losing your phone’s data, pictures, videos, messages, contacts, and other information compromised. Today if you own a smartphone, you are walking around with a small computer in your pocket.

Don’t you think it would be beneficial to understand how Bluetooth works, how hackers use it to steal aspects of your personal life, and ways you can prevent hackers?   (more…)

UEFI vs Legacy BIOS

UEFI vs Legacy BIOSJuly 2nd, 2014

Legacy BIOS seems to be fading into irrelevancy. However, when it comes to booting your computer, it remains an option. You should consider choosing the system that has what you want in it, not what is popular.

In the cyber world, Legacy has stood the test of time as the number one boot system for over 25 years. Like all greats though, there is always a predecessor coming into power offering. (more…)

Spark a Project Management Revolution with Trello

Trello for Project Management

June 27th, 2014

You may love SharePoint, can’t wait for Mac Airdrop sharing, or rely on other project management tools. Everything seems to run smoothly, but the hiccups you experience aren’t that monumental.

Perhaps you’re a budding entrepreneur just getting the hang of things and creating structure for the small yet growing departments within your business.

In business, communication between departments and employees are key to success. If you’re tired of clunky, disjointed, and distracting communication and project collaboration tools, then commit yourself to Trello for two weeks. Trello yourself, your small department, and maybe even your entire company. (more…)

Can I Receive IT Training Courseware before the Class Date?

IT Training CoursewareJune 27th, 2014

At Phoenix TS our Training and Certification Consultants field a number of questions from interested students about the training courses. This extremely important question is detrimental for a student’s success as they prepare to take a certification exam for whatever training course they attend.

The simple answer is yes, but read on to learn about how you can grab the books ahead of time.

Moving on After TrueCrypt’s Untimely Departure

whole disk encryptionJune 26th, 2014

With the dismissal of TrueCrypt as viable whole disk encryption, you’re forced to explore other options available such as BitLocker, Symantec Drive Encryption, and FileVault 2. Depending on the operating system and the level of security you believe is necessary, the options vary.

The right firewall set up on a wireless network may sustain a certain level of security from malicious hackers, but that does nothing to protect your computer against physical attacks.  (more…)

Is Apple’s Yosemite OS & iOS 8 Hype-Worthy?

OS X YosemiteJune 26th, 2014

If you’re anything like me, you were super excited to hear about OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 after the most recent WWDC.If you’re a lot like me, you are probably cursing your current OS and iOS because the updates can’t come soon enough.

A lot is going to change this fall on our Apple devices. Are these new search and messaging capabilities enough to get you excited about OS X Yosemite?